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Leather Care

How To Take Care Of Your Leather Products


Depending on how frequently it is used, you should also periodically care for your leather jacket by taking it to a professional cleaner. The cleaner can care for your leather jacket using special equipment and tools designed specifically for leather, as well as conditioning the jacket to keep it flexible and looking like new.


Please bear in mind that leather is a natural product therefore to avoid stains please keep your jacket away from oils and lotions. If you spill something on your jacket, first use a gentle brush to get the bulk of the material off. Then gently sponge it with warm water before drying the jacket. If your jacket gets wet, wipe off the surface moisture with a clean dry towel and hang it up in a well-ventilated area. Let it dry naturally.


To store your leather jacket, hang it on a wide padded hanger. Do not wrap leather in plastic or other nonporous materials, because leather needs to breathe. If you must store a leather jacket in a plastic garment bag, leave it open slightly for ventilation. Do not fold leather jackets for storage.