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MOFO Leather has the latest collection of movie leather jackets from the hottest movies to come out of Hollywood. We are working round the clock to get the latest in celebrity fashions and movie star jackets to your doorstep.

We get inspired by movies, tv shows and video games to bring you cutting edge leather apparel, all our jackets are made from genuine real leather unless otherwise stated, in which case they are made from premium faux leather. Find the latest in Hollywood movie star jackets.

We just uploaded new designs for Guardians of the Galaxy, Amazing Spider Man, Top Gun and Superman. We are currently working on Captain America Age Of Ultron, this is going to be an epic jacket and we are working on getting this to you before Christmas. We are also working on the new Terminator 5 black biker leather jacket as well as Hawkeye's new leather coat in Age of Ultron.

We are always working to bring you the latest in Hollywood movie star jackets, we have the best and latest movie leather jackets and movie celebrity jackets, celebrity fashion is always changing and so is our collection, check back soon to see our latest creations.